Concise Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary and MSDict Viewer 4.10 SIS (Symbian)

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The Concise Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary offers a complete guide to the French and English languages, from general to specialist and technical terminology, from foreign language to slang. The dictionary makes accessible every aspect of the French-speaking world of today, and respectively the English-speaking one, through meticulous description of their languages and their cultural institutions.

Convenience and Easy-access Layout:

Authoritative coverage of over 175,000 words and phrases, and over 270,000 translationsIn-text notes on points of usage, grammar and constructionsIn-text cultural notes on life in the French-speaking worldAid sections helping in understanding idiomatic phrases, compound nouns, and abbreviationsCompletely updated to include the very latest vocabularyEasy-access design of the word definitions

The Concise Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary is utilized by MSDict Viewer - an innovative dictionary reader specially designed to combine high data compression for memory restricted devices with a fast search algorithm, and user-friendly interface with amazing speed.

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