MSDict PONS Standard Dictionary English (S60 3rd Edition) 5.00 5.00 SIS (Symbian)

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The PONS Standard Dictionary English (English-German-English).

PONS Standard Dictionary English

  • With new words added in the 2005 edition
  • Up-to-date vocabulary selection
  • Daily use idioms
  • Info boxes for culture, country and people
  • With new and old orthography

The MSDict Dictionary Format

The PONS Standard Dictionary English is here presented in MSDict electronic format.MSDict offers best experience in mobile reference and is available for any handheld platform.

  • Quick dynamic search of words while you type
  • Transcriptions facilitating pronunciation
  • Hyperlinks between different related words
  • Dynamic changing of font sizes
  • Learning features
  • Support of multiple dictionaries installed at a time
  • Support for MMC, memory stick, and SD memory cards

MSDict 4 Out Now!What is New?

  • Fullscreen support
  • Page scrolling mode added
  • Handy custom filteres added to help you locate the word you are searching for:
    • Fussy filter- used when you are not sure of the correct spelling of a word
    • Keyword- used to locate the instances of a key word within other compound words
    • Wild card - "?" and "*" replace a letter and group of letters in words
  • Ability to select and change the language for MSDict menus and messages. The supported languages are- English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Finish, Russian and Portuguese.
  • Copy single words, selected paragraphs or whole word definitions in external programs on your phone
  • Two different work modes- View and Selection for your convenience when browsing word definition

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